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Travel by train to Advent in Split

Come to the city of Split and experience the funniest Advent!

In joyful anticipation of the jolliest days of the year, the Tourist Board of the City of Split brought a little bit of holiday spirit of Dalmatia to Zagreb. On Wednesday 25 November from 3:30pm to 6:30pm in the very centre of Zagreb, at the intersection of Bakačeva and Cesarčeva Streets, everyone was welcome to enjoy tasty snacks and great music. Fun was guaranteed. The always perky Marijana Batinić, the hostess of the event and Luka Nižetić, a popular singer from Split, put everyone in the holiday mood by bringing Splitski šušur (the hustle and bustle of Split) and the holiday atmosphere that can be felt on the streets of Split and its squares to Zagreb. At the cooking show „Moja adventska spiza“(“What I cook during the season of Advent“), Luka Nižetić showcased traditional Dalmatian specialties. A popular DJ from Split got visitors into the mood for dancing. The Paradigma Restaurant from Split served delicious food. Visitors got gifts specially prepared for them on this occasion. Visitors were invited to take part in the competition and win – with a little bit of luck – return tickets to Split from Croatia Airlines or HŽ Putnički prijevoz (HZ Passenger Transport), theatre tickets to the Croatian National Theatre of Split, as well as a snack and welcome drink at the Paradox Restaurant in Split.

In „the most beautiful city in the world“, as locals claim, the preparations for holidays will include many cultural, fun and gastronomic events for everyone to enjoy. Choose one of luxuriant Advent packages offered by hotels in the city of Split and take advantage of one of the benefits provided by the Croatian Railways for your return journey to Split. HŽ Putnički prijevoz offers 50 % off return journey from any destination in Croatia. If you prefer a comfortable journey by train, don´t forget to authenticate your tickets at the information stand of the Split Tourist Board on the Promenade. The „Advent in Split“ event begins with the lighting of the first Advent candle. Crazy party continues on the Promenade and legendary city squares – Pjaca, Prokurative and Voćni trg (Fruit Square).

The „Christmas Fair“, popularly known as „splitske kućice“ (popular little houses on the Promenade) offers a variety of souvenirs, jewelry and decorations. Find a unique gift for your loved ones and choose – from a range of different music events – entertainment tailored to your wishes. For those who find pleasure in food and who appreciate the traditional cuisine, there are a unique „Gastro Advent“ and the menus offered by the restaurants in Split. Children can enjoy a variety of events, including the Nativity scene exhibition. This makes Split an ideal family holiday destination. Come to the city situated at the foot of Marjan and have the jolliest Advent ever. And don´t forget your sunglasses!
Click www.visitsplit.com to download the full programme.

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