(Trieste) Villa Opicina – Rijeka and vice versa

International seasonal trains started running everyday from April 24

(Trieste) Villa Opicina – Rijeka and vice versa

from April 24 to September 30



Villa Opicina (IT) 7:50 am – Sežana (SI) 8:02am – Divača (SI) 8:12am – Pivka (SI) 8:40am – Ilirska Bistrica (SI) 8:55am – Šapjane (HR) 9:13am – Opatija Matulji (HR) 9:38am – Rijeka (HR) 9:54am

Rijeka (HR) 6:25pm – Opatija Matulji (HR) 6:42pm – Šapjane (HR) 7:12pm – Ilirska Bistrica (SI) 7:35pm – Pivka (SI) 7:57 pm – Divača (SI) 8:19pm – Sežana (SI) 8:29pm – Villa Opicina (IT) 8:40 pm

From Villa Opicina to Triste and vice versa passengers are transported by buses. 

  • trains run everyday
  • passengers can travel in seating carriages, the transportation of bicycles is possible, free Wi-fi
  • tickets can be purchased at the internation ticket office in Rijeka station
  • one way ticket price is 8 euros, return ticket price is 16 euros, ticket price for children from 6 to 12 years is 4 euros, children to 6 years are transported for free, ticket for bicycle transport is 5 euros