First of the 44 new trains

Date: 4/9/2015 10:00:00 AM
Its first regular journey was on route Zagreb GK – Koprivnica on the 9th of April 2015

HŽ Passenger Transport signed a contract in January 2014, with Končar Electric Vehicles d.d., for the production of 44 new trains. On the 9th of April 2015, the first of the 16 electric trains intended for regional routes was put in operation. Its first regular journey was on route Zagreb GK – Koprivnica.

This first train is a four-part electric low-floor train. Its maximum speed is 160 km/h, it has 210 seats, and a total capacity of 419 passengers. It has four pairs of two-leaf doors on each side, a movable ramp for handicapped people, and a bicycle storage area. The passenger area is a single spacious unit with partial bulkheads which do not close the area visually, but protect the passengers from cold air while the doors are open. The seats are two-seaters, except in areas intended for persons with physical disabilities, which have one-seaters and foldable seats. The wide two-leaf doors enable passengers fast entrance and exit, and the window glass is 60% darkened for sunlight protection. The train has state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems and video surveillance, and free WiFi for passengers. Regular train stops are announced through an informing system, which uses a GPS to track the train's location and emits the messages on displays and speakers. The construction, design and the driving performances enable a superb riding comfort.

The first electric train will be used in regional traffic – it will transport passengers on routes Zagreb GK – Koprivnica and Zagreb GK – Sisak – Sunja daily.

Končar Electric Vehicles d.d. is making 32 electric trains, out of which 16 are for city-wide transport and 16 for regional transport; along with 12 diesel-electric trains. The total contract value is 1,63 billion kunas. The trains will be put into operation in 2015, 2016, 2017. The new train series are based on two prototype electric trains for city-wide and regional transport which are operating since 2011.

17 low-floor trains will be delivered in 2015 (16 electric for regional transport and 1 diesel-electric train).

Because of the use of new technologies, circuits and devices, the new trains are highly reliable in all weather conditions and in intensive use. All of the circuits, devices and new technologies used are in concordance with Croatian, HRN, EN, IEC, UIC regulations and with EU directives for public passenger transportation.

The procurement of new trains will result in better quality of transportation services, reliability and vehicle availability, lower operating costs, a more stable time table and an increase of train and passenger frequency; new trains will also contribute to environmental protection.

HŽ Passenger Transport – a new visual identity

In 2007, The Croatian Railways company was divided into 4 companies along with a parent company HŽ Holding. In 2012, a new restructuring was performed. From the 1st October 2012, three companies are in business – HŽ Passenger Transport, HŽ Cargo and HŽ Infrastructure. Until now, HŽ Passenger Transport kept the visual identity of the Croatian Railways. As part of the restructuring process, goals were specified in order to better the service – procurement of new trains and introduction of an integral ticketing system. Along with these big projects, the Board decided to change the visual identity of the company.

The job was given to TBWA/Zagreb agency. A team of experts presented a new unique solution which encompasses a new visual identity and a new logo of HŽ Passenger Transport. The new identity will be applied to all new trains, web site, new sales channels and employees' uniforms. With the first new train now in operation, passengers also have a new web site better suited to their needs. New sales channels enriched by new visual identity (on-line ticket sales, ticket-machines, smart cards) will be available from the final quarter of 2015.

The new visual identity on existing vehicles and uniforms will be gradually applied during regular maintenance and uniform procurement.

HŽ Passenger Transport's new visual identity is based on the display of train routes, which reflect movement and connections. For creating and communicating the new identity, primary colors were used – red, white, blue and gray, derived from the palette distinctive for Croatia. The new modern identity creates a complete and recognizable unity, which is one of the steps HŽ Passenger Transport is taking towards the new era of passenger transport