Fifth regional train in service

Successful continuation of the project for the renewal of rolling stock of HŽ Passenger Transport

On October 27, 2023, 5th electric multiple unit for regional transport, manufactured as part of the project Renewal of the rolling stock of HŽ Passenger Transport with new electric multiple units (EMUs), was put into service.

The train operated on the section Zagreb – Karlovac – Zagreb. Among the passengers on the first ride were State Secretary for Railways Ph.D. Alen Gospočić, Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Dragan Jelić, Head of the Central Finance and Contracting Agency (CFCA) for European Union programmes and projects, Gordan Kolak, CEO of KONČAR – Electrical Industry and Željko Ukić, CEO of HŽ Passenger Transport.

Expressing his satisfaction with the fact that another train was put into service, Alen Gospočić, State Secretary for Railways, emphasized:

  • By the beginning of 2025, there will be 70 low-floor electric multiple units, and we will keep acquiring trains, until we will have the entire fleet renewed. These trains provide maximum comfort to our fellow citizens. The citizens of Karlovac travel to Zagreb to work, school, and university every day. We believe they will use rail transport even more now. In addition, over €6.5 billion will be invested in railway infrastructure in the next 10 years. I would also like to point out that the Government of the Republic of Croatia has provided free transportation for children and pupils, as well as a transportation at a very favourable price – 10 euros only – for regular students. 

Trains are manufactured at the KONČAR – Electric vehicles production facility. Gordan Kolak, CEO of the company KONČAR – Electric Industry, also spoke about the importance of this project:

  • Railway vehicles are technologically complex products, whose development and production involve a whole range of experts from different fields. Our trains are the result of an independent development within the KONČAR Group. They are a genuine Croatian product, since domestically produced components account for more than 75% share in the price. It is the most complex and, at the same time, one of the most representative products of the Croatian industry. KONČAR is a globally established technology company that produces state-of-the-art equipment and components according to market trends. I believe this will not go unnoticed by our passengers on the section Karlovac – Zagreb, as well as passengers on all future regional routes that these state-of-the-art Croatian trains are already operating on or will soon be operating on.

Mr. Željko Ukić, CEO of HŽPP announced a quality connectivity between Karlovac and Zagreb:

  • I am pleased to say that this is the 50th new low-floor electric multiple unit in operation. With a greater number of new trains in our fleet, we are able to connect all regions in Croatia. As of December, a new fast line on the section Duga Resa – Karlovac – Zagreb and vice versa will be introduced. It is our very goal to better connect larger cities surrounding Zagreb, because this way we are able to provide a high-quality everyday mobility. New trains are accessible to persons with reduced mobility. They have free WiFI, video surveillance, voice and visual announcements, less vibration – and all these elements provide a better service.

The passengers on the ride were also children from the kindergarten Radost from Zagreb, who drew pictures that are displayed on the train, and pupils from the final grades of the Zagreb Technical School, who are studying to become workers in railroad occupations.         

Mrs. Martina Furdek-Hajdin, the County head of Karlovac and Mr. Damir Mandić, the mayor of Karlovac, welcomed the train at Karlovac station. On that occasion, the County head emphasized:

  • It was very nice to be here at the station today and to welcome the train that was brimming over with joy and children´s laughter. I think this was the first time for these kindergarten children to be on the train ever. The railway has been neglected for decades now. And now we are looking forward to all the investments in infrastructure and, as we can see today, new trains, not to mention the co-financing of the transportation of young people. Today, many young people and workers travel by rail to Zagreb and Rijeka. In this respect, we welcome any effort made to use rail more widely.  

Expressing his satisfaction with the renewal and modernization of the railway system in the Karlovac area, the mayor Mandić said:

  • With these trains, the quality of traffic on the section Zagreb – Karlovac is enhanced. We are also pleased with the fact that our beautiful station building is undergoing renovation, along with the accompanying infrastructure that will need to be built. I can also announce that the City of Karlovac will be financing monthly tickets for our regular students. According to our data, approx. 500 students from Karlovac travel to Zagreb by rail. This will be implemented in the next budget year.

Through the project Renewal of the rolling stock of HŽ Passenger Transport with new electric multipole units, HŽPP is modernizing its rolling stock with 21 new electric multiple units (EMUs). All 11 trains for urban and suburban transport and 5 trains for regional transport have been delivered. Another 5 regional trains that will be operating on electrified lines in the Republic of Croatia, that is, on the routes from Zagreb to Sisak, Novska, Vinkovci, Koprivnica, Zabok, Karlovac, Ogulin and Rijeka, as well as the route Vinkovci – Vukovar will be delivered. All trains are to be delivered by April 2024.

The project is co-financed under the Operational programme Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014 – 2020, providing 85% of the grant. The total estimated value of the project is €171,725,103.72/HRK 1,293,862,793.99, whereas the amount of EU subsidy is €116,840,464.13/HRK 880,334,477.00.

The aim of the project is to improve local and regional connectivity and mobility, as well as to ensure a more efficient and competitive rail passenger transport, which will also contribute to the sustainability of the transport system in the Republic of Croatia.

Technical characteristics of electric multiple units (EMUs) for regional transport  

The trains produced by the KONČAR – Electric vehicles production facility have a maximum speed of 160 km/h. The trains are four-part low-floor compositions equipped with wheelchair ramps and bicycle storage. The entire passenger section is under video surveillance. Regional trains have 4 doors on each side of the train. Seats are mostly double seats, providing a capacity of 209 seating and 222 standing places. Along with visual and voice announcements at the stations and stops, passengers are provided with free Internet access (WiFi). The length of the train is 75 meters. The usage of the regenerative braking enables power generation for train power feed, whereby excess power is sent back into power grid. The regenerative braking achieves return of 25% of total power taken from the power grid, enabling better energy efficiency.