Pet transport

By presenting the appropriate veterinary booklet, the transportation of smaller pets, service dogs and guide/help dogs (if it is not forbidden by veterinary, sanitary or other regulations) is allowed.

The following animals are allowed in trains:

a) small tamed animals (dogs up to 30 cm of height, cats and small tame animals) in their transport boxes (bird cages, baskets and other that can pass as hand luggage)
b) small dogs (up to 30 cm high) that can be kept in a lap
c) service dogs being led by employees of MUP, HV, hunters or members of Mountain rescue service and registered lifesaving dogs
d) guide/help dogs who are escorting blind people, handicapped people or their trainers. Based on a valid work card the said person being escorted by a dog has right of free access to public areas designated for passengers (platforms, waiting rooms, offices and similar).
e) other dogs (higher than 30 cm) if they have a veterinary booklet from which the ownership, mark (microchip) and frequency of vaccination is visible. Such dogs must be on a short leash and wearing a muzzle. Train tickets for such dogs are bought at the cash register of the station by showing the veterinary booklet. Dogs without a veterinary booklet will not be accepted to board. Dogs must not be seated on seats.

Dogs stated under items c) and d) do not have to wear a muzzle and their transport will not be billed. Dogs, which have on the last page of their veterinary booklet under the column Other a note “dangerous dog”, will not be allowed to board.

A passenger who brought the dog onto a train is responsible for its behavior and will compensate for any damage done by the dog to other passengers in the train. For all damages done by the dog, the responsibility lies with the owner (for cleaning after the dog as well). Any damage will be charged in accordance with the provisions of Tariff 103.

A passenger transporting a dog in a sleeping coach must reserve the section for his/her exclusive use, i.e pay for all the beds in the section. The dog must not be placed on the bed. A passenger can bring only one dog aboard the train or one transport box as hand luggage.

Dogs are not allowed in dining coaches.

Transportation of dogs is allowed in all types of trains (coaches and trainsets) under the following prices:
a) animals in transport boxes transported as hand luggage and small dogs outside transport boxes are transported free of charge
b) for larger dogs 50% of the second class regular ticket price is billed.

In buses driving instead of trains only small tame animals in transport boxes are allowed, as well as dogs under items c) and d).