Sarajevo: Young people aboard the biggest party train ever on the trip of the year

Hundreds of young, energetic people keen on travel, ready to party big stylie and to make new friends got together aboard the train. 2 night parties, a sightseeing tour and a visit to the restaurant serving ćevapi made this trip to the city on the Miljacka river unforgettable.

Party-loving people from Croatia aged 18 to 27 took a 3-day trip on this unique and biggest party train in the whole region ever on their feet!

Party train filled with positive emotions came back from Sarajevo, the city at the junction of diverse cultures and religions, the city of sevdah, traditional Bosnian song, and ćevapi. The first Trip'n'Fun Party trip took place in Belgrade in March 2015, and this second party was attended by even more people than before. There were 700 people in the mood for adventure aboard the biggest party train ever. The trip lasted long, which gave young people an opportunity to party, make friends and speak some of the foreign languages because many young people coming from Spain, Great Britain, and Germany happened to be there…

All you had to do was get a good night´s sleep because you should be ready to party all night long. Travel guides and animators provided for good vibes on the party train. People who got tired of the party were encouraged via megaphone every once in a while to get on their feet. The party on all coaches with DJs and music for everyone´s taste lasted all night long. The city welcomed party people who didn´t get tired at all with open arms.

Just going for a walk down the Old town (Baščaršija) is really a great way to spend your free time in Sarajevo – that´s why many people went straight there to recharge for the party. Besides Baščaršija sightseeing tour, a guided tour of Sarajevo´s most famous landmarks, tasting delicacies such as ćevapi, burek, klepe and musaka, the party at the best clubs in Sarajevo, Barlotti and Bentbaša restaurant, where you could have dinner and listen to best music, was guaranteed. Ćevapi and Bosnian-style coffee seem to have had healing effects because the party with the greatest music hits lasted until the early hours of the morning. 

After restoring one´s energy from crazy nights and Hacienda after-parties at Baščaršija, the time has come to return home. Much to one´s regret, the time spent in this amazing city, which boasts very friendly people, good food and interesting stories, was much too short. That is why it made many people already start thinking about visiting the city once again. Because Sarajevo is the city, where you can learn a lot about life and people in general. For example, you should drink coffee with merak (delight) and be tolerant towards everyone, even your neighbours for that matter. Rather than staring at TV screen all night long, you should lean back, relax, and smoke narghile in good company.

A fun trip to Sarajevo on the train seems to have revived the spirit of travel of past times and brought together young people. Quite a large number of passengers shows that today´s young people want to escape the limits set by society/to go beyond the boundaries of society, forget about the limits imposed on them, even if it´s just for a while and choose entertainment, learning, and enjoyment instead. This kind of journey made it possible for them to make the best of the trip - they enjoyed a great party, which went on and on – rather than waste time just sitting around. An unforgettable party!

If you´re searching for a perfect getaway from stress, if you want to relax, have fun and enjoy good food, Sarajevo is the perfect place for you. The next party city waiting to welcome you in March 2016 is Belgrade, city of parties and river rafts. Follow Fun Factory on Facebook and find out all about the unforgettable trip to the greatest party city on the best means of transport => www.facebook.com/funfactoryhr

Trip'n'Fun Party Train – journey for young people and all those who wish to live their dreams

The journey on the Trip'n'Fun Party Train reawakened the spirit and experiences of train travel of bygone times. It also revived interest in train, which is the safest and most comfortable means of transportation after all. It also brought young people and students from the region together, who got a chance to learn something about culture and customs of neighbouring regions and to make new friends.

- VIDEO - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh5-a5kcaxs

The journey on the Trip'n'Fun Party Train also included 2 nights at 3 star hotels, invigorating breakfast, 2 crazy parties, and a sightseeing tour. 

There was plenty of fun and entertainment aboard the train and also plenty of drinks at the bar for everyone

The trip to Sarajevo was a memorable travel experience for all 700 passengers on this unique party train

Trip'n'Fun Party Train – the perfect trip for young people who like to travel & party at the same time

The journey to Sarajevo was a continuation of the spectacular trip to Belgrade on the Trip'n'Fun Party Train, which took place last spring

Sarajevo and partying – a perfect combination