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Project you can´t imagine Croatia without

Date: 1/23/2024 8:26:41 AM
The project for acquiring 21 trains, co-financed from EU funds, chosen by citizens

The campaign – Which EU project can´t you imagine Croatia without? was conducted by the Central Finance and Contracting Agency for European Union programmes and projects (CFCA). The aim of the campaign was to show diversity of investment areas in Croatia, co-financed from EU funds. Over six billion euros from EU funds were invested in new projects in education, entrepreneurship, transport, health care, cultural and natural heritage.

The project Renewal of the rolling stock of HŽ Passenger Transport with new electric multiple units, which involves the acquisition of 21 new electric multiple units, won 2nd place in the campaign Which EU project can´t you imagine Croatia without? To date, 17 new electric multiple units were put into operation under the project. The remaining 4 electric multiple units will be put into service in the first four months of 2024. The project is co-financed under the Operational programme Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014 – 2020, providing 85% of the grant.

The project Road connection to South Dalmatia the Pelješac bridge won first place, whereas the project Conservation and Reconstruction of the Small Roman Theatre in Pula won third place.

HŽ Passenger Transport would like to thank all citizens who voted for the project regarding the renewal of the rolling stock. To further improve the rail transport service, the acquisition of new trains will continue.

The announcement of the projects Croatia is unthinkable without and the plaque awarding ceremony were held in Šibenik from December 7th to 9th, 2023, as part of the Days of Regional Development and EU Funds conference, organized by the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds. The plaques were given by Mr. Šime Erlić, Minister for Regional Development and EU Funds and Mr. Dragan Jelić, Head of the Central Finance and Contracting Agency for European Union programmes and projects (CFCA).

Once again, we have proven the importance of   EU funds as a leverage for the development of Croatia. A whole range of projects, which have improved each and every region of this country, are a proof of that. Billions of euros have been invested in transport infrastructure, promotion of entrepreneurship, health care, education, energy efficiency, as well as preservation of cultural and natural heritage. In the next financial period, we are definitely expecting major investments, both in public and private sectors, owing to EU funds, minister Erlić said.

We are proud of the fact that the CFCA is part of these stories of success because you have proven that all it takes to achieve a goal is a clever idea, devoted effort, and dedicated work. And most importantly, all these EU projects provided the citizens of Croatia with a more prosperous, more connected, better, and more beautiful Croatia, Mr. Dragan Jelić, Head of the CFCA, emphasized.

Today, Croatia is unthinkable without thousands of projects co-financed from EU funds. Besides new trains, we have to mention a panoramic walk on the Skywalk on Biokovo, a faster arrival home thanks to the new Zagreb roundabout, a trip to the south of Croatia without crossing the state border, enjoying performances in the renovated Small Roman Theatre, an escape into the world of imagination and games at the gaming centre in the town of Novska, modern student dormitories, business incubators, numerous investments in science and innovation, as well as in our rich cultural and natural heritage. Still, none of this would be possible without Croatia´s membership in the EU and EU grants.

As part of the conference held in the city of Šibenik, a panel discussion was held entitled User experience 2014 – 2020. Among the participants in the panel discussion was also Mr. Željko Ukić, CEO of HŽPP, who spoke about the project for the acquisition of new trains, co-financed from the Cohesion Fund.

It is with great pleasure that I can inform you that our very project is on the list of projects our citizens can´t imagine Croatia without. As far as new trains are concerned, a feedback from our customers is very positive. It is this positive feedback that encourages us to continue with such projects. Trains are accessible to persons with reduced mobility. They have a bicycle storage, free WiFi and are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The projects like these are very demanding in terms of preparation and implementation. It was a   first major EU project for us. Today, we have a great team that will continue to prepare and carry out similar projects for the acquisition of new trains, co-financed from EU funds. The most important for us is a  positive feedback from our passengers, which is why we do this in the first place so we can provide them with the level of service quality they deserve.

The project for the construction of the Pelješac bridge was presented at the panel discussion as well. Mr. Davor Perić from the Croatian company for operation, construction and maintenance of state roads Hrvatske ceste d.o.o. spoke about that project. Another project, which was presented at the panel discussion, was the project for veteran centres. Mrs Nevenka Benić, Ministry of Croatia Veterans spoke about that project. Mr. Petar Mišura, Head of Administrative Department for Economy of the City of Šibenik spoke about numerous projects the City of Šibenik participated in – from the projects related to cultural heritage, educational institutions to projects in the economic sphere. Mrs. Senka Šipušić from the RASCO d.o.o. company also participated in the panel discussion. The RASCO d.o.o. company modernized, by using EU funds, the production and included a compact city vacuum cleaner in its fleet.