New train put into operation

On 15 February 2016, the first diesel electric train for regional transportation was put into regular traffic on the Zagreb Central Station – Zabok – Varaždin route, and vice versa.

Oleg Butković, Minister of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure; Jure Šarić, acting Assistant Minister of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure; Dražen Ratković, CEO, HŽ Putnički prijevoz; Darinko Bago, CEO, Končar – Elektroindustrija and Ivan Bahun, CEO, Končar – Električna vozila were aboard for its trial run.

This new train is of great importance to the company HŽ Putnički prijevoz and the passengers, who will be travelling on this new train, the minister has stated.

„The journey was very pleasant and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone involved in the building of new trains. The railway requires improvement. For the most part, all major infrastructure projects will be railway-related. We have to take advantage of this opportunity and give it our fullest attention. We will support all development projects – this is our future“, the minister said.

Dražen Ratković, CEO, HŽ Putnički prijevoz spoke about technical characteristics of the new train:

„I am very pleased that the first diesel electric multiple unit was launched on the Zagreb Central Station – Varaždin route. This is state-of-the-art train by means thereof the level of quality in terms of the service provided to our passengers will be upgraded. The train is very comfortable – it has two ramps for wheelchair users, free Wi-Fi and bike space. The total capacity is approx. 340 passengers. The train is the first of 11 diesel electric trains, the financing thereof will be arranged.“

Darinko Bago, CEO, Končar – Elektroindustrija spoke about the new train as well:

„This first diesel-electric multiple unit uses the same technological basis as that of electric multiple units. We hope that the financing of further production of trains will be provided for, since this has great significance for Končar and all our suppliers. “


Technical specification

Diesel-electric multiple unit for regional transportation (series 7023) is a three-part diesel-electric low-floor set. Its max. speed is 120 km/h and it has a seating capacity of 167 passengers and a standing capacity of 175 passengers. The set is composed of two rear multiple units with driver´s cabin and middle coach. It is equipped with four pairs of folding doors and two ramps designed for wheelchair users while entering and exiting the train as well as bike space. Seats are designed as two-seaters, except in areas intended for persons with reduced mobility, where folding seats are mounted. Thanks to double-folding wide external doors, a greater number of passengers can get in and off the train faster. The window glass is tinted 60% for sunlight protection. The train is fitted with state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems as well as video surveillance. Free Wi-Fi is available on the train as well. Stopping at stations and stops is announced via passenger information system, which uses a GPS to track the train´s location and emits the messages on displays and speakers.

New diesel-electric multiple unit was produced at the platform of electric multiple unit (series 6112) for regional transportation. Only modifications to power supply system were carried out. The unification of diesel-electric and electric multiple units to the maximum extent possible was accomplished, whereby considerable savings in terms of exploitation costs and maintenance of the entire fleet of low-floor trains are achieved. The construction, design and driving characteristics of the train provide for a high level of comfort.

Diesel-electric multiple unit will be used for regional transportation and will be carrying passengers on the Zagreb Central Station – Zabok – Varaždin route, and vice versa on a daily basis. Approx. 2 million passengers are carried on that route per year.

HŽ Putnički prijevoz concluded a contract with the company Končar – Električna vozila on the production of 44 new trains in January 2014. Končar – Električna vozila produces 32 electric multiple-unit sets – 16 for urban and suburban transportation and 16 for regional transportation as well as 12 diesel-electric multiple-unit sets. The total acquisiton value is HRK 1.63 bn. To date, Končar – Električna vozila delivered 10 electric multiple units for regional transportation and 8 electric multiple units for urban and suburban transportation to the company HŽ Putnički prijevoz. By the beginning of March 2016, another two urban and suburban trains are to be delivered.

New trains have a high level of reliability due to the implementation of new technologies, assemblies and devices, while they are used full-scale in all weather conditions. All assemblies, devices and new technologies, which will be implemented, comply with legal provisions of the Republic of Croatia, HRN, EN, IEC, UIC as well as EU Directives on public passenger transport.  

The acquisition of new multiple units improves the quality of transportation service, reliability and availability of vehicles at much lower operating cost – with the possibility of increasing train frequency and the number of passengers. New trains contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution as well.