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 When traveling as a family group HŽ Passenger transport offers a commercial benefit of 40% or 50% discounts, respectively a discount for each member of the party (at least three or maximum 10 family members), for return journeys in 1. or 2. class coaches of all types of regular trains in domestic traffic.

A benefit can be first and foremost used by family members: parents/guardians, children, grandparents and others for return tickets in 1. and 2. class coaches of regular domestic train traffic.

A minimum of three (3) people must travel together, and the maximum number of passengers is ten (10), out of which at least one passenger must be a child of 6-15 years of age. Family members will be given a mutual return ticket, valid for 6 days.

1. A 50% discount is applied if in the traveling family there are more children in the age between 6 and 15 then there are adults (or if the amount is in balance)
2. A 40% discount is applied if in the traveling family there are more adults than children

The discount is granted if at least one of the three family members is a child between 6-15 years of age, while children who are still younger than 6 years and do not pay for train tickets do not count as benefit users. The age of a child is determined by looking into a valid document. On staff's request, while checking the mutual train ticket, the family must show the child's health card or some other valid document, while other passengers do not need to prove their family connections.

Money and ticket refund: If all passengers give up on traveling and return their unused ticket on the first day of the validity period at the latest, or partially unused ticket in the period of validity, the money will be returned in accordance to Tariff 101. In all other cases the money will not be refunded.

When buying a train ticket, it is necessary to state the purpose of your journey. The discount does not apply for distances shorter than 25 km.

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