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Do I need to print out my e-ticket?

You can either present the purchased e-ticket on your smartphone to the conductor or print it out.

When can I purchase an e-ticket?

You can purchase an e-ticket any time before the departure of the train according to the timetable.

What ticket types are available at a discount?

Discounted e-tickets are available for the following categories: children (6-12 years old), students, young people (12-26 years old), pensioners or the elderly. To obtain a discount on any other basis, you must buy a ticket at the cash register.

Do I have to present the card by which I earn the right to a discount?

The conductor has the right to ask you to present HŽ Putnički prijevoz card according to which you are entitled to a discount or, in the case of a discount for children aged 6 to 12, the conductor may ask you to present the child’s health insurance card or other document confirming the child’s age.

Which credit cards can I use to pay?

Payment can be made by American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Diners and Maestro.

How many e-tickets can be purchased in a single transaction?

When you are purchasing your ticket online at www.hzpp.hr, you can buy a maximum of 6 tickets. If you are purchasing your e-ticket via smartphone application, you can buy only one ticket.

Can I buy an e-ticket for international destinations?

Via www.hzpp.hr and smartphone applications you can purchase tickets only for travel within Croatia.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my journey?

E-tickets cannot be returned or replaced.

Can I break my journey on e-ticket?

Interruption of a journey is not possible.

What if I cannot log in to My HŽPP?

Make sure you have entered the correct email and password when signing in. After signing in, check if you have opened the link delivered to your email address, confirming the opening of your user account.  

If the above data is correct and the link is opened, use the ‘Forgotten password’ option. When you receive an email with a reset link, change the password and sign in again.

What if I do not receive email confirmation of registration?

Make sure you entered your email address and password correctly. Check your folders Junk mail, Clutter and Promotions.  

There is a red exclamation mark next to some trains in a timetable display. What does that mean?

It implies that it is not possible to reserve seats on that train.

What if the time for payment has elapsed?

You have 5 minutes to enter your credit card data into PayWay system. After that a warning about the expiration of the time allocated for the purchase will appear on your screen.

What should I do if I have received a confirmation of a charge on my credit card but not the ticket?

Call the Contact Centre of HŽ Putnički prijevoz on the phone number +385 1 3782 583 or send an email to informacije@hzpp.hr  or reklamacije@hzpp.hr

Where can I find terms and conditions of e-ticket sales?

Terms and conditions of sale are published at www.hzpp.hr 

Is it possible to board a train with my bicycle?

HŽ Passenger transport offers the opportunity to transport bicycles:

  • in all trains as luggage: bicycles are assembled and packaged so they can be stored in the passenger's section or in a specially designated area for luggage.
  • in certain trains which have a coach with a designated area for storing bicycles (10 bicycles).

Bicycles can be transported in the following trains:


Bicycle transportation in domestic rail traffic

Check the timetable by selecting the route you want to travel to.

Osijek – Koprivnica – Zagreb GK → Osijek

Pula – Buzet  Pula

Rijeka – Permani → Rijeka

Varaždin – Koprivnica → Varaždin

Vinkovci – Gunja → Vinkovci

Vinkovci – Osijek → Vinkovci

Vinkovci – Vukovar → Vinkovci

Vinkovci – Županja → Vinkovci

Zagreb GK – Karlovac – Duga Resa – Ogulin – Moravice – Rijeka → Zagreb GK

Zagreb GK – Križevci – Koprivnica → Zagreb GK

Zagreb GK – Oštarije – Split → Zagreb GK

Zagreb GK – Novska – (Sisak) → Zagreb GK

Zagreb GK – Novska – Vinkovci – Tovarnik → Zagreb GK

Zagreb GK – Sisak – Sunja – Volinja → Zagreb GK

Zagreb GK – Varaždin – Kotoriba → Zagreb GK

Split – Kaštel Stari – Split

Bicycle transport in Zagreb city-wide area

Check the timetable by selecting the route you want to travel to.

Harmica – Savski Marof – Zagreb GK – Dugo Selo

Dugo Selo - Zagreb - Zaprešić - Savski Marof

Novoselec – Zagreb GK – Zaprešić – Savski Marof

Bicycle transportation fee in domestic traffic is 1,99 EUR and can be bought in train or at cash registers on train stations.

During the summer season of 2024, bicycle transportation is also possible on the routes Osijek - Bjelovar - Zagreb - Split and Vukovar - Vinkovci - Zagreb - Split according to the schedule below.

Osijek - Bjelovar – Zagreb - Split


Osijek (19.48) – Bjelovar (23.45) – Zagreb GK (1.11) – Perković (7.54) – Split (9.21)

Runs daily from 29./30.6. to 30./31.8.2024.


Split (22.23) – Perković (23.38) – Zagreb GK (6.40) – Bjelovar (8.11) – Osijek (12.04)

Runs daily from 30.6. to 31.8./1.9.2024.


Vukovar – Vinkovci – Zagreb - Split


Vukovar (16.57) – Vinkovci (17.21) – Zagreb GK (22.30) – Perković (5.35) – Split (6.51)

Runs daily from 29./30.6. to 30./31.8.2024.


Split (21.11) – Perković (22.42) – Zagreb GK (6.20) – Vinkovci (10.53) – Vukovar (11.11)

Runs daily from 30.6. to 31.8./1.9.2024.

* Bicycle transportation is possible on the route Vinkovci - Zagreb - Split - Vinkovci

Bicycle transport on international routes:

  • in all trains as luggage: bicycles are assembled and packaged so they can be stored in the passenger's section or in a specially designated area for luggage.
  • in trains which have a coach with a designated area for storing bicycles:

Vinkovci - Zagreb - Villach - Zagreb - Vinkovci

Zagreb - Koprivnica - Budapest D. - Koprivnica - Zagreb

Rijeka – Ljubljana – Budapest D. → Rijeka

Beli Manastir – Magayarboly

Villa Opicina – Rijeka – Villa Opicina

Bicycle transportation fee on the international routes to Slovenia and Hungary is 5 Euro regardless the lenght of travel, and the tickets can be bought, as is with train tickets, on the international ticket sale counter.

HŽ Passenger transport is not responsible for personal possessions of passengers or their bicycles, therefor passengers must take theft or damage precautions by themselves.

Those interested in bicycle transportation on other routes or on other trains (fast or passenger), as well as larger groups of passengers-bicyclists can announce their journey at least 5 days in advance so an appropriate coach can be ensured.
Additional information and answers to any questions on transportation of bicycles can be found on numbers +385 (0)1 378 2583  or through e-mail

Student Index is worth more for regular students of Croatian higher education institutions

Travel by train and gain a 50% discount
Student's index  is worth more for students of Croatian higher education institutions

A 50% discount is granted for an unlimited number of one-way and two-way journeys with all trains, and can be used throughout the year

The discount is granted at cash registries and aboard trains by presenting you student ID card*, which should be shown during travel to appropriate staff upon request. The stated discount can be used just for domestic Croatian train traffic.

• Price of the ID card for the whole academic year is 50kn. K-33X ID card can be bought at  train station cash registries.
• For gaining the ID card right, students must show a certified student transcript for the current semester or a faculty confirmation of semester attendance. Student status can also be proved by showing an e-index or x-card but only with a document (printed registration data) which shows valid data from the stated cards.
• In the period from 30 - April 2015, the "Index is worth more" offer can be used on all trains, without an ID card, just by presenting a certified student transcript or a faculty confirmation of current semester attendance.


What are the benefits for senior citizens?

Persons older than 60 and retired persons can buy a K-33S ID card, which entitles them to a 30% discount on regular ticket prices for unlimited one-way or two-way travels in 1. and 2. class for all trains on any HŽ train route."Years are worth more" can be used by persons older than 60 who are Croatian citizens and reside in Croatia.A 50% discount is given for all travels on all trains, throughout the year.

For the 50% discount, one needs to buy a K-33S ID card on a station cash register, once a year, for a 50kn fee, which then ensures an unlimited number of domestic train travel at the discounted price.

Users of the existing K-33S can continue to use them until the date on the ID, with the 50% discount.

How can I transport my pet?

By presenting the appropriate veterinary booklet, transportation of smaller pets, service dogs and guide/help dogs (if it is not forbidden by veterinary, sanitary or other regulations) is allowed.

The following animals are allowed in trains:

a) small tamed animals (dogs up to 30 cm of height, cats and small tame animals) in their transport boxes (bird cages, baskets and other that can pass as hand luggage)
b) small dogs (up to 30 cm high) that can be kept in a lap
c) service dogs being led by employees of MUP, HV, hunters or members of Mountain rescue service and registered lifesaving dogs
d) guide/help dogs who are escorting blind people, handicapped people or their trainers. Based on a valid work card the said person being escorted by a dog has right of free access to public areas designated for passengers (platforms, waiting rooms, offices and similar).
e) other dogs (higher than 30 cm) if they have a veterinary booklet from which the ownership, mark (microchip) and frequency of vaccination is visible. Such dogs must be on a short leash and wearing a muzzle. Train tickets for such dogs are bought at the cash register of the station by showing the veterinary booklet. Dogs without a veterinary booklet will not be accepted to board. Dogs must not be seated on seats.

Dogs stated under items c) and d) do not have to wear a muzzle and their transport will not be billed. Dogs, which have on the last page of their veterinary booklet under the column Other a note “dangerous dog”, will not be allowed to board.

A passenger who brought the dog onto a train is responsible for its behavior and will compensate for any damage done by the dog to other passengers in the train. For all damages done by the dog, the responsibility lies with the owner (for cleaning after the dog as well). Any damage will be charged in accordance with the provisions of Tariff 103.

A passenger transporting a dog in a sleeping coach must reserve the section for his/her exclusive use, i.e pay for all the beds in the section. The dog must not be placed on the bed. A passenger can bring only one dog aboard the train or one transport box as hand luggage.

Dogs are not allowed in dining coaches.

Transportation of dogs is allowed in all types of trains (coaches and trainsets) under the following prices:
a) animals in transport boxes transported as hand luggage and small dogs outside transport boxes are transported free of charge
b) for larger dogs 50% of the second class regular ticket price is billed.

In buses driving instead of trains only small tame animals in transport boxes are allowed, as well as dogs under items c) and d).

What are my ticket payment options?

The train tickets can be payed in cash and in kunas, while some of the bigger stations have the possibility of paying by credit card.

Are there electric and Internet connections on the train?

Electric connections exist on all modernized trains with A/C 1st and 2nd class, sleeping coaches and coaches with beds. The new electric train on regional routes has electricity as well. WiFi is not available on trains. For all other information, please contact HŽ Passenger Transport Contact Center on + 385 (0)1 378 2583.

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