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Celebrate a birthday in a train

Surprise your child with a special gift

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Let your children gather their friends, invite them on a train journey and celebrate the funnest birthday, accompanied by unforgettable memories.

Price of a birthday celebration from 544 kn*! The price includes a train ticket, reservation and snacks, and during the train ride, the birthday company will be entertained by a magician Bosco.

Choose your route and the duration of your birthday journey and we will adapt to your wishes.

If you want your birthday company to visit the Neanderthal museum in Krapina **, the birthday train will take the children to Krapina.

If your child likes fairy-tales, take a one day birthday excursion to Ogulin and visit Ivana's house of fairy-tales and make your child's birthday special.

For more information call 01 4573 208 (work days until 15:00), send an email to .
Apart from the listed, all important information are available on phone numbers of regional units.

* A group of ten children on Zagreb GK-Dugo Selo/Savski Marof/Harmica-Zagreb GK route
** lunch included in the restaurant Neanderthal pub