Agreement on Journey Continuation

Date: 7/10/2024 8:23:40 AM
For international passengers in case of train delay or cancellation

The Agreement on Journey Continuation (AJC) is an agreement between railway undertakings designed to assist international passengers at arrival in their final destination in case of train delay or cancellation due to which they lost their connection to continue their journey. Without the AJC, passengers would need to buy new tickets.

The Agreement on Journey Continuation is governed by the CIT. 


How it works in practice

If passengers miss their connnection on an international journey due to train delay/cancellation, they should receive a Delay/Cancellation Confirmation.

Please note that the form of the Delay/Cancellation Confirmation varies. More information is available here .

Train delay/cancellation confirmation entitles the passenger to continue the journey without extra costs upon presentation of the original ticket on one of the next available trains with the same carrier, whose train service was missed and for which they held a ticket. Please note that some participating railway undertakings set specific conditions for continuing the journey which can be found here .

The confirmation of train delay or cancellation at HŽPP is done by:

  • train manager and ticket examiner on train
  • cashier and help desk at station.

The mentioned railway staff provides passengers with information relating to journey continuation as well.

Leaflet on the AJC can be downloaded here .

The following video explains how it works: