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Date: 3/10/2015 11:00:00 AM
40% discount on train tickets, museum tickets for 20 kn

HŽ Passenger transport approves a 40% discount on regular 1. and 2. class train tickets of regular domestic traffic to all its passengers - visitors of Museum of modern art from 15. March 2015 to 15. March 2016.

The discount is valid from 15. March 2015 to 15. March 2016 for return tickets, from all HŽ train stations to Zagreb GK station and back exclusively.

The basis for the discount is the museum ticket dated within the period of validity of the train ticket.

By showing the train ticket, the passengers gain right to a discounted museum ticket in the amount of 20,00 kunas (regular price is 30 kunas).

When buying a train ticket, it is necessary to state the purpose of your journey. The discount does not apply for distances shorter than 25 km. For period of validity of the train ticket and for a money refund on bought and unused train tickets provisions of Tariff 101 apply.

For more information see www.msu.hr.

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