Mandatory wearing of protective masks


Hostel on wheels / Auto Train

Travel in a couchette and take your car or motorbike on a train
A car and motorcycle wagon will be includedin the composition of the trains 821 Zagreb - Split (from July 9) and train 820 Split - Zagreb (from July 10). Due to the transport of participants in the Youth Sports Games, on the July 18, 20, 25, 27, 28 and 30 and on the August 16 and 20, train 821 will not include a car and motorcycle wagon, as well as train 820 on July 19, 21, 26, 28, 29 and 31, and August 17 and 21, 2021.

Take advantage of a special deal „Hostel on wheels“ on night trains 820/821 on the route Zagreb Central Station – Split – Zagreb and a special deal Auto Train and pay, in addition to the fare, extra 101 HRK for a car or 51 HRK for a motorbike.


  • 821 Zagreb 11:05pm – Split 7:05am
  • 820 Split 9:40pm – Zagreb 5:47am

Upon presentation of driver´s license, tickets for passengers and vehicles are purchased at ticket offices of the following railway stations: Zagreb Glavni, Split, Varaždin, Osijek, Vinkovci and Slavonski Brod. Due to a limited number of vehicles, which are accepted, tickets are to be purchased in advance. Vehicles in good working order and registered vehicles only are accepted (max. height 150 cm). 

Vehicles are to be loaded two hours prior to train departure. In Zagreb, vehicles are loaded on board at the entrance east of the Hrvatska pošta building in Ulica kneza Branimira b.b. In Split, vehicles are loaded on board at the entrance to the parking area between the railway and bus stations. You can see the map here.