Temporarily reduced volume of transportation

Timetable changes from December 25th

Due to the epidemic of covid-19 disease, which negatively affects the demand for public transport services, HŽ Putnički prijevoz recorded a large decrease in the number of passengers. Therefore, as of 25 December, the scope of rail passenger transport in the territory of the Republic of Croatia has been temporarily reduced.

Changes in the timetable cover about 16% of the service, and relate to trains with a small number of passengers. Out of a total of 821 trains, the changes refer to 134 trains in domestic transport, of which 76 are temporarily not running, 18 trains are running on a shortened route, and the period of operation has been shortened by 40 trains. In addition, there are no replacement buses on the route Knin - Zadar - Knin.

Since the introduction of online teaching in secondary schools, the timetable of 59 trains intended for the transport of students has been changed, of which 47 trains do not run, and 12 trains run on the shortened route. The changes will be effective until the start of classes in the second semester.

All the changes in train traffic can be found here.

Trains not listed run according to the 2020/2021 timetable.

There will be changes in international traffic during the period of individual trains, and you can see more information here.

Passengers who will not continue to use the railway transport, can submit requests for a refund within the validity period of the ticket at the box office of HŽ Putnički prijevoz or via e-mail reklamacije@hzpp.hr .

According to the Decision of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia of 25 June, 2020 the use of protective masks in trains is mandatory in order to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19 disease. In adittion, following the recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health (HZJZ), passengers are advised to maintain a distance of at least one meter and use hand disinfectants when entering the train to protect all transport participants.  HŽPP has placed dispensers with disinfectant in trains and wagons. Also, in accordance with the HZJZ recommendations, posters are placed in trains and wagons in order to educate passengers on how to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and safely use rail transport. HŽPP also implemented measures related to cleaning, ventilation and disinfection of passenger spaces.

Please protect your health and the health of your fellow citizens and respect recommendations in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 disease (more at www.koronavirus.hr and www.hzjz.hr).

For any additional information please call +385 1 3782 583 (5 AM - 11 PM) or send an e-mail to informacije@hzpp.hr .