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Special offers – Ljubljana Specijal, Celje Specijal Pula Specijal and Maribor Specijal

Slovenia is situated at the intersection of the Alps, the Mediterranean, limestone and the Pannonian lowlands. In 2016, Slovenia was declared the world´s first green destination country due to the fact that it promotes the preservation of the environment and sustainable tourism. Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a popular destination, which attracts many tourists. Ljubljana lies on the Ljubljanica River, which flows through the very city centre. The capital of Slovenia is known for its specific architecture, amazing bridges and friendly hosts.

We have a number of attractive offers lined up for you!

Take advantage of special offer Ljubljana Specijal for journeys from Zagreb and Rijeka to Ljubljana (from € 9.00) and Celje Specijal for journeys from Zagreb to Celje! From Rijeka to Celje take advantage of special offer Celje Specijal (from € 14.00).

Take advantage of special offer Maribor Specijal (from € 12.00) for journeys from Zagreb to Maribor and from Rijeka to Maribor (from € 14.00)!

From Pula to Ljubljane take advantage of Pula Specijal (from € 19.00), and from Pula to Celje or Maribor from 24.

From Split, Šibenik and Zadra to Ljubljana i Maribor take advantage of Jadran Specijal and travel from  € 29.

Children aged 6-11 pay half price.


LJUBLJANA - Timetable and fares

  • Zagreb GK - Ljubljana from 9 €

    • EC 1212 Zagreb GK 6.28 - Ljubljana 8.47
    • B 1210 Zagreb GK 12.35 - Ljubljana 15.14

    Rijeka - Ljubljana from 9 €

    • B 482 Rijeka 11.50 - Ljubljana 14.52
    • 480 Rijeka 20:45 - Šapjane - Ljubljana 23:39 (ne vozi od 10.1. do 10.7.2021.)
    • 481 Ljubljana 6:35 - Šapjane - Rijeka 9:27 (ne vozi od 10.1. do 10.7.2021.) 

Ljubljana is known for its various legends. The most fascinating legend is the legend of Ljubljana´s Dragon (zmajček Ljubo), a symbol of the Slovenian capital. The best way to get acquainted with the city centre is if you start your tour at the Prešeren Square. From there you can take a walk on Tromostovje, the Triple Bridge, the most popular and beautiful bridge in Ljubljana. On the other side of the Ljubljanica River, Philip Mansion (Filipov dvorec) and the Kresija Building (palača Kresija) are situated. The Kresija Building is a building that together with Philip Mansion marks the entrance to the old town of Ljubljana. March along the stone-paved streets and indulge in the beauty of Ljubljana!


CELJE - Timetable and fares

  • Zagreb GK - Celje  from 9 €

    • EC 158 Zagreb GK 7.25 - Celje 9.18

In Celje, the antique and medieval legacy is discretely blended with modern urbanity. Romantic streets in the old town, little corners for conversation held in secret in the city park, architecture which displays abundance and diversity of history, a rich variety of art museums, galleries and theatres, are just a few steps away from the city centre.


MARIBOR - Timetable and fares

  • Zagreb GK - Maribor from 12 €

    • EC 158 Zagreb GK 7.25 - Celje 9.20 - Maribor 10.14

The oldest grapevine in the world, recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, a great place to go on a shopping spree, active holiday at Pohorje, a walk along one of the most beautiful European rivers and a rich history - these are just some of the reasons why you should spend your weekend in Maribor.    

If you want to learn more about the history and culture of Maribor, you should definitely visit the oldest part of the city called Lent. Rafting on the Drava River is a perfect choice for those who like adventure. Enjoy the tour of the city with your children in a horse-drawn carriage!

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