Excursion trains throughout the year

Annual itinerary of excursion trains


In order to provide services that match your wishes and requirements, we have arranged an offer for you, which includes excursion and special trains. Whether travelling alone or in a group, you can choose among a wide range of excursion trains. Spend pleasant moments on excursion trains, take a trip throughout Croatia, visit the events of all kinds, and learn more about local tradition, local cuisine, and landmarks.

Excursion trains most frequently leave Zagreb in the early hours of the morning and return towards the end of the day.

The following excursion trains have been attracting our passengers for many years now:

  • Zagorski cug – re-enactment of the Battle of Stubica and the battle of knights in February
  • Karnevalski vlak (Carnival train) – international carnival procession in Rijeka in March
  • BikeExpress Kutina – cyclists ́ train takes you to Earth Day in Moslavina in April
  • Štruklijada – Struklijada (food festival) in Zabok in May including tastings
  • Festival igračaka (Toy festival) – 1st Toy Festival in Croatia including play areas for children and performances in Ivanić Grad in May
  • BikeExpress Petrinja – cyclists ́ train takes you to a bicycle rally in Petrinja in May and June
  • Karlek – Karlek train takes you to the Fairytale Festival in Ogulin in June
  • Čigoč-express – visit Čigoč, the first European stork village, in June
  • Žetalac-express (Harvester) – visit the event „Žetva i vršidba u prošlosti“ (Harvesting and threshing in the past) in Županja in July
  • Renaissance Pan-express – Open Doors Day at the Carlsberg Brewery and a visit to the Renaissance festival in Koprivnica in August
  • Potepuh – excursion train takes you to the event „Kaj su jeli naši stari“ (What Our Forefathers Once Ate) in Vrbovec in August
  • Krapek – have fun at the event „Tjedan kajkavske popevke“ (The Kajkavian Song Week) including a tour of the museum in Krapina in September
  • Lika-express – visit the event „Jesen u Lici“ (Autumn in Lika), Grabovača cave park in Gospić and adrenaline park in October
  • Kesten-cug – visit „Kestenijada“ (Chestnut Festival) in Hrvatska Kostajnica in October
  • Gljivarski cug – have a great time at mushroom picking at the event „Gljivarenje“ in Stubičke Toplice in October
  • Bučko-express – visit the event „Bučijada“ (Pumpkin Festival) in Ivanić Grad in October
  • Martinjski train – spend unforgettable moments at the event „Velike martinjske špelancije“ in Koprivnica in November
  • Katarinski train – eco & ethno festival and performances for children in Slavonski Brod in November
  • Advent – get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy religious programme and music performances in Marija Bistrica in December



  • Belgrade – train providing for lots of fun and unforgettable moments for young people in March
  • Split – Ultra party train – 100-hour non-stop party (transportation, tickets, party) in July
  • Sarajevo – train providing for lots of fun and unforgettable moments for young people in October


TIN-EXPRESS, Christmas Train For Kids

Each year in December, HŽ Putnički prijevoz organizes Tin-express Christmas Train rides for kids. Beautifully decorated Tin-express runs in major cities. St Nicholas and Santa Claus, the most popular Christmas characters, come with bags full of gifts, providing for the Christmas spirit. The journey takes about an hour so that kids have plenty of time to party together, sing along to Christmas carols and have their pictures taken with St Nicholas and Santa Clause.

On the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we offer a charity ride on Tin-express for children from children ́s homes and different associations for persons with disabilities each year on 3 December.


ZEKO-EXPRESS, Easter Train for Kids

Get into the Easter spirit aboard the Zeko-express! There ́s all sorts of fun aboard the Easter train: party, songs, gifts and surprises. During the week, organized groups of children can take a ride aboard the Zeko-express. All those, who wish to get into the Easter spirit aboard the train during the weekend, can buy tickets at the ticket office.



We offer different travelling opportunities for the purpose of education, training, travelling and entertainment for children, young people and educational institutions. We approach journeys of organized groups of children individually, which means that we design a special train schedule for each journey separately, which best matches passengers ́ needs. It is also possible to organize an event for a specific occasion aboard. Children and persons who will be accompanying children during their journey as their guides can keep each other company during the journey.



We organize shorter journeys for the little ones including a tour of the railway station. Children can learn about the advantages of rail transport (an eco-friendly and energy efficient means of transport, which reduces road congestion) and rules of conduct in railway traffic.



HŽ Putnički prijevoz organizes special trains for a wide range of business events – conferences, seminars and presentations on a train. Organize a team-building trip for your employees and a trip to visit other events.

We provide state-of-the-art coaches and trains that match your business needs. Train schedule and stops during the journey are determined according to your needs.

Our offer includes conventional coaches with a dining car, providing a large area where people can mingle and dance.

Up to now, we have had a great success at providing transportation by rail for sports fans and at organizing New Year´s Eve parties, wedding parties, arranging party trains, business trips as well as a charity fashion show.

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More information on special trains available at 060 333 444 (landline calls at HRK 1.74 per minute + VAT, mobile calls at HRK 2.96per minute + VAT, HT d.d.) and 01 3782 583  (5 AM - 11 PM). You may also contact us at posebni.vlakovi@hzpp.hr and marketing@hzpp.hr. Please check our website to view our current special train

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