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Nextbike – public bike sharing system for passengers

Date: 5/27/2015 10:00:00 AM
150 minutes free of charge every day

Nextbike and HŽ Putnički prijevoz (HZ Passenger Transport) co-operate in the promotion of sustainable and environmentally friendly modes of public transportation and amenities for the customers. 

Besides reducing traffic congestion and parking problems, travelling by rail and riding a bike also helps protect and preserve the environment.

This is why we invite you to travel by rail and continue your journey by bike. Take advantage of our special offer!

Passengers with HZ Passenger Transport monthly or annual prepaid tickets are granted a 150-minute free ride by Nextbike every day*.

*To activate your nextbike user account, send a photo of HZ Passenger Transport monthly/annual ticket to info@nextbike.hr .  

Nextbike stations are located at 14 key sites close to the city centre, where the bikes are available 24/7. You can rent a bike via smart card, which reads the mobile phone number and user PIN, rental location and time of rental. You can also rent a bike via „nextbike“ mobile app. If you don´t possess a smart card or an app, you can always rent a bike by entering a mobile phone number and PIN by hand, which you receive upon registration. The system is based on a smart card application. A smart card reads the mobile phone number, user PIN, rental location, time of rental, as well as location and time at which the rented bike was returned.     

Annual membership fee: HRK79.00 only.

Register and activate your Nextbike account at www.nextbike.hr, via mobile app, at terminal, or at VIP centre, Gajeva 12b, 10000 Zagreb. 

Get off a train and get on a bike!

Upon arrival at the Zagreb Main Station, the passengers travelling on suburban and other trains can continue their journey by public city bike. 

We hope the tourists who wish to explore the city of Zagreb by bike will find this offer quite interesting.



Call Centre 01 777 6543


email: info@nextbike.hr